Due to an expected ATC strike being announced and italian airspace affected, some flights can suffer delays or cancellations. We recommend all customers to check the airlines websites for updates on their flight schedules.

Airport Infrastructure

Classification: civil and private airport (fully leased)
Height A.S.L.: 238 metres
Opening hours: 24 hours
Distance from Bergamo: 5 Km
Distance from Milan: 45 Km
Airport grounds area: 350 hectares
ICAO Classification: 4E
ILS System: cat. IIIB; luminous visual aids cat. III; airport enabled for cat. IIIB operations
Traffic type: intercontinental; international; national; general aviation
Runways: runway 10/28; m 2,874 x 45 (main runway); runway 12/30; m 778 x 18 (tourist runway)
Runway capacity: 26 hourly movements with 16 touchdowns per hour
Aircraft parking: 33 independent spaces of various sizes according to the normal traffic mix
Passenger capacity: over 10 million per annum
Aerial surfaces: 36,000 sqm. terminal; 14,900 sqm. warehouses
Check-in area: 35 desks
Group meeting points: 8
Boarding gates: 26
Mobile piers: 2