non-security restricted area airport entry card

Before filling in the request it is important to already have prepared these digitised documents in .jpg or .pdf format. These files must not exceed the size of 5mb:

  • Any card from another airport
  • Request of the legal representative or of their delegate
  • A possible residence permit
  • Identification document
  • Corso security

Transfer from another airport:

Transfer from another national airport:


For the following reason:

The applicant company:

Under its own responsibility declares the following:

To have read and understood ENAC Ordinance 03/2017. “Regulations for access by persons and vehicles to security restricted areas”*
Having informed its personnel of the above.*

It is a known provider of airport supplies.
To be known consignor.
To be regulated agent.
To be provider of on-board supplies.

Kindly attach a copy of the request letter, written on official letterhead, signed by the person appointed by the applicant company to request the issuance of the Airport Id Card/s, stating the names of the applicant personnel

For the contracts for works/services:

Contract with SACBO
Email address of the Sacbo contact for the relative works.
Contract with other companies
Allegare copia contratto sub-appalto o dichiarazione della società appaltante.

Person for whom the card is being requested:

To be completed even if the same as that of residence.
If other than the applicant
Hired in Italy*
Available only if company is "BGYIS" or "S.A.C.B.O."


Download, complete, sign and attach the sworn declarations.
All European citizens (including Italians) and non-European citizens who are resident abroad or who have resided abroad for a period of at least 6 consecutive months in the last 5 years must also present an appropriate criminal record (concerning any past convictions and/or current legal proceedings), issued by the Authorities of the foreign countries in question to the Air Border Police offices (Mon/Fri 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.) or send to the same via email to Said documentation must be translated into Italian and certified by the relative authorities.

Card requested:

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.