permanent vehicle pass request/renewal

Before filling in the request it is important to already have prepared these digitised documents in .jpg or .pdf format. These files must not exceed the size of 5mb:

  • Front/back of vehicle registration document or EC certificate of conformity
  • Insurance contract
  • Any certificate or document certifying maintenance and efficient operation
  • Request of the legal representative or of their representative
  • Dichiarazione della società assicuratrice relativa all'inclusione della copertura di danni ad aeromobili, mezzi ed infrastrutture aeroportuali

For the following reason:

The applicant company:

Under its own responsibility declares the following:

To have read and understood ENAC Ordinance 03/2017. “Regulations for access by persons and vehicles to security restricted areas”*
Having informed its personnel of the above.*

It is a known provider of airport supplies.
To be known consignor.
To be regulated agent.
To be provider of on-board supplies.

Kindly attach a copy of the request letter, written on official letterhead, signed by the person appointed by the applicant company to request the issuance of the Airport Id Card/s, stating the names of the applicant personnel

For the contracts for works/services:

Contract with SACBO
Email address of the Sacbo contact for the relative works.
Contract with other companies
Allegare copia contratto sub-appalto o dichiarazione della società appaltante.

Vehicle for which the permit is being requested:

Indicate the serial number only for vehicles without a number plate
Number plate

Indicating the ceilings, cover for airport damage and validity

Pass requested:

GREEN BAND: allows access only via the perimeter

RED: allows access to all areas

YELLOW: allows access to all areas except plane side

For the manoeuvring area and where necessary it is mandatory to be equipped with radio in contact with TWR with the related recognition name or accompanied by airport operators provided with such equipment.

Under its own responsibility declares that the vehicle is equipped with the devices specified by the ordinance that governs the movement of vehicles in a security restricted area.*

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.