Environmental policy

It is the objective of SACBO S.p.A. to operate the airport activities of: design, construction, management, monitoring, maintenance, allocation and marketing of resources; emergency management, airport coordination; design and provision of ground services for  passengers with reduced mobility, adopting the principles of environmental protection and pursuing continuous improvement of its own Environmental Management System. In particular, SACBO S.p.A. aims to:

  • carefully observe the applicable environmental regulations and the satisfaction of other relevant requirements
  • systematically measure the environmental impacts of its own operations, to understand and measure their effects and identify their causes
  • rigorously plan its own environmental objectives and related targets, according to the principles mentioned in the current policy, develop relevant programs and continually monitor their performance, putting in place when necessary, suitable corrective actions
  • implement programs aimed at reducing energy consumption, containing pollution and, in general, at minimizing the negative environmental impacts of its own operations, evaluating, from time to time, the feasibility of using the best available technologies on the market
  • commit to generating and managing waste so to promote, when possible, recovery and recycling rather than disposal
  • minimize the environmental impacts of new services, technologies and activities through the use of appropriate planning systems and procedures designed for this purpose;
  • develop, put in place, review and continually improve its own Environmental Management System
  • promote the involvement and the training of its own employees on environmental matters; • to promote the adoption of correct environmental behavior by Suppliers and Companies who work on behalf of SACBO;
  • maintain open and constructive relationships with the Territory in which SACBO operates;
  • make available its own expertise in the field of environmental management in order to promote general progress towards a sustainable development;
  • promote process of sustainable environmental protection
  • introduce suitable methodologies for the control and audit of its own Environmental Management System. 

This policy is periodically reviewed to ensure its relevance and appropriateness, and      is communicated to all SACBO employees, as well as to its suppliers and customers.

It is available to the public, to all parties concerned and to anyone who requests it.

The Chairman of SACBO S.p.A.