In view of the weather conditions in progress and possible delays to traffic on roads and highways, they are invited to passengers departing to travel well in advance to reach the airport in time


Safety Assurance

➵   Provisions regarding alcohol, medicine and drugs

Referring current regulation, during working time it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol and use drugs, as well as use medicine which could determinate a reduced psycophisics response, with negative effects on safety.

It is not permitted to work in reduced psycophisics conditions.

Every company operating in the airside of the aerodrome must have a procedure to take under control alcohol and drugs consumption, and all staff must be aware, as well as their subcontractors too.

If a working person in airside of the aerodrome is detected in non adequate psycophisics conditions, it is required to stop him immediately and inform his responsible.

➵   Occurrence reporting

All safety occurrence must be reported to the Safety Manager by Ground Safety Report (GSR – you can get it also at ) and must be sent to as soon as possible.

➵   Subcontractors and third parties

Sacbo plans audits to subcontractors and third parties by the Compliance Monitoring Management, to verify the compliance to the applicable requirements; Sacbo must have access to all documentations and rooms. Requirements includes that Enac (CAA) is authorized in the same way, too.