Certification of the Information Security Management System

SACBO, the Milan Bergamo Airport management company, on 8th February 2018 got the ISO 27001 certification from TUV Italia concerning management of information and data security.
SACBO is the first airport operator having certified its own information management system according to the 27001 standard.

To achieve this goal, SACBO was required to proceed with the optimization of the communication activity and of the tools used for it, besides SACBO had to implement tools to verify the information activity and to protect the correctness, quality and, where necessary, confidentiality of the whole series of core business data of its activity.

With ISO 27001 certification, SACBO fulfills the provisions of the EU REG 139/2014 on information technology and information security management systems.

The certification of the processes aimed at guaranteeing the security of company information is part of an integrated context of attention to the quality of the services offered, the protection of the environment and health and safety in the workplace for which SACBO has already certified its activity in according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.