Environmental Management

Against a projected increase in aeronautical activities, in the last decade Milano Bergamo Airport has addressed environmental issues by initiating various processes aimed at containing as much as possible the pressure from various sources on the surrounding territory.

Acoustic climate

Despite not having the expertise to directly intervene on the sources of airport noise, SACBO actively participates in comparison initiatives with Local Authorities aimed at identifying optimal interventions in terms of cost/benefits to improve the acoustic climate around the airport.

Air Quality

The attention that SACBO pays to different environmental matrices also closely extends to the atmosphere. This section presents actions promoted by the company to monitor and control this environmental component.

Mitigation measures

SACBO, also as a result of an agreement with the Lombardy Region and the Province of Bergamo, established a program of measures and activities for the containment and the reduction of airport noise pollution in residential buildings and in sensitive receptors, pursuant to DEC/VIA/2003.

Environmental Certifications

In September 2014 SACBO gained significant recognition for its use of energy resources and reduction of fuel consumption and air emissions in the operation activities of the airport.

Epidemiological study

In May 2012 SACBO signed an agreement with ASL (Local Health Authority) of Bergamo for the awarding of a management assignment, definition of protocols, procedures and activities necessary to conduct an epidemiological study on the health status of residents in the towns neighbouring the grounds of Milano Bergamo Airport, with the primary purpose of understanding if and how the presence of the airport, with the same existing boundary conditions, could affect the health status of the population.

Life IP Gestire 2020 Project

SACBO is taking part in the LIFE Ip2020 Project - AZ E12, which was set up in 2017 by the Forestry Military Police through an initiative run by the Lombardy Region, which identified Milan Bergamo Airport as a pilot airport for the information, education and prevention campaign regarding the preservation of biodiversity and the monitoring of the introduction of invasive species.

Azienda Bike Friendly

Importante riconoscimento di carattere europeo per SACBO. Venerdì 17/09/2021 in occasione di Agri travel & Slow travel Expo - Fiera dei Territori presso la Fiera di Bergamo la società di gestione dell'aeroporto di Orio al Serio ha ricevuto la certificazione CFE - Azienda Amica della Bicicletta, livello "argento".