Life IP Gestire 2020 Project

SACBO is taking part in the LIFE Ip2020 Project - AZ E12, which was set up in 2017 by the Forestry Military Police through an initiative run by the Lombardy Region, which identified Milan Bergamo Airport as a pilot airport for the information, education and prevention campaign regarding the preservation of biodiversity and the monitoring of the introduction of invasive species. Milan Bergamo Airport is number three in Italy for passenger and freight traffic, including connections to both Schengen and non-Schengen countries, the latter considered a risk, or rather with a high possibility for the introduction of alien species. The situation described highlights the necessity for the creation of a system for prevention/repression aimed at the reduction/elimination of the risk of non-native species being introduced. An aim that is to be achieved through the setting up of an integrated control centre that operates both in monitoring the introduction of non-native species, involving all the figures concerned with controls, and in the preventative stage, through information for passengers, customs operators and airlines regarding the risks of transporting alien species. The action consists in the study and planning of an integrated control centre in the airport and in the definition of operational and organisational procedures for the aspects regarding the monitoring of the introduction of non-native species. SACBO’s contribution takes the form of provision for the installation of information totems in the airport connected to the dedicated website in order to allow passengers to receive information on correct behaviour and risks to be avoided. Furthermore, it will provide support for training and monitoring activities, as well as the promotion of the project.

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