Environmental Certifications

In September 2014 SACBO obtained major recognition in relation to the use of energy resources and the associated reduction of fuel consumption and air emissions within airport operations activities. The initiatives undertaken in recent years by SACBO on energy saving and management have led to the company obtaining the "Airport Carbon Accreditation" (ACA) of ACI Europe (International Council of European Airports, which represents over 450 airports in 45 European countries). This European recognition acknowledges the airport's focus on air pollution (CO2 produced) through the demonstration of its correct management of energy resource use. The accreditation of the first level of "Airport Carbon Accreditation" which is added to a series of high-profile certifications including the ISO 14000 Environmental Management System, is an important sign of its focus on environmental issues related to air pollution, global warming and greenhouse gases.

Directly inspired by the same ISO 14000, the Airport Carbon Accreditation is dedicated to and exclusively concerns airport infrastructures and refers to the activities pertaining to the Management Company. The accreditation awarded by ACI Europe enables Milano Bergamo Airport to bear the specific brand with which the airports that have this certification are identified.

It is an acknowledgment which awards and qualifies the work done in energy resource management, whose optimisation in terms of containing consumption represents a process related to the efficiency of operations of the airport operator as a whole.

The accreditation puts Milano Bergamo Airport on a par with major European airports and at a national level it with those of Milan, Rome, Venice, Naples, Bologna, as far as this matter is concerned. This step enables the development of the so-called Carbon Footprint, which translates the resources used by the airport operator in CO2 equivalent produced. A fundamental step in order to identify further actions aimed at obtaining further reductions and consequent savings.

For further information: http://www.airportcarbonaccreditation.org/