Mitigation measures

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SACBO, following an agreement with the Lombardy Region and the Province of Bergamo, also established a program of actions and activities for the containment and reduction of airport noise pollution in residential buildings, under DEC/VIA/2003.

In agreement with the municipal authorities concerned, it was decided to commission the National Research Centre (CNR) to carry out a technical and economical estimate of the mitigation measures required to meet the noise standards prescribed by law. After having carried out surveys of the housing units concerned, the CNR identified the necessary interventions - which included the replacement of windows with high performance acoustic windows and the installation of air conditioning systems - for each of the 125 (approx.) homes involved. Thanks to the cooperation of the municipalities concerned agreements were reached with the owners on the type of work to be undertaken and permits were issued for the works which were carried out in the Autumn of 2013, for a total amount of approximately € 1,600.000.

In addition, the Management Company SACBO made financial resources available, implemented and completed the sound-proofing works of the sensitive receptors falling within Zones A and B of the acoustic zoning approved in 2010, by evaluating sound insulating works in 10 school buildings in the municipalities of Bergamo, Orio al Serio and Grassobbio; the definition and the design support of such interventions was carried out by technicians of the Institute of Construction Technology (ITC) of the National Research Council (CNR). The identified school buildings were:

  • the creche of via Quasimodo in Bergamo,
  • the kindergarten of via Linneo in Bergamo,
  • the primary school of via Facoetti in Orio al Serio,
  • the kindergarten of Largo XXV Aprile in Orio al Serio,  
  • the creche of Largo XXV Aprile in Orio al Serio
  • the kindergarten of via Costantina in Bergamo,
  • the primary school "Calvino" of via per Azzano in Bergamo,
  • the secondary school "Muzio" of via S.Pietro ai Campi in Bergamo,
  • the primary school of via Fornacette in Grassobbio,
  • the ITC "Belotti" of via per Azzano in Bergamo.

With the exception of the creche of Largo XXV Aprile in Orio al Serio, which showed no need for intervention, in all the other buildings steps were taken to carry out extraordinary maintenance works/to replace the windows or upgrade the ventilation/air conditioning system.

It is uncertain whether to also add this: As part of the pursuit of sustainable development with the neighbouring territory an Agreement was signed with the Municipal Administration of Orio al Serio which provides for, among others, the execution of environmental mitigation measures such as the construction of noise barriers. A first phase was constructed in 2007, and it is expected ........

These noise barriers, specifically requested by the municipal Administration along the precise route agreed, will serve to mitigate the noise produced by aircraft during aircraft ground handling phases. The assessments carried out by ARPA Lombardia, commissioned by the Management Company, relating to the construction of the mentioned barriers have shown that they brought a benefit for the population quantifiable between 5 and 10 dB(A), referring to the noise generated at a height of 4 m.