Restaurants and shops

The airport shopping area provides numerous services, designed to meet the needs of passengers, who can enjoy shopping or relaxation in a tranquil setting. The airport offers travellers numerous clothes shops, accessories, books and newspapers, fancy goods, souvenirs and food and wine products. The bars and restaurants allow you to go for a coffee, a snack or have lunch, all of which offer a high quality service. The Milano Bergamo Airport is a meeting place which also provides services to airport operators and residents of the surrounding areas, who can go to the airport to do some shopping, buy airline tickets or have lunch/dinner with friends. The shops in the airport are the result of a careful selection which has always characterised the airport with regard to its pursuit of quality in the products and services it offers.

We inform passengers that all purchases made at the airport travel free on board the aircraft, as long as their size and weight are compatible with current legislation and according to the transport conditions provided by the carrier used.