In the cooking show at the Vicook Bistrot in Milan Bergamo Airport, the conclusive event in the “Chef at the Airport” competition organised by SACBO in collaboration with the gourmet restaurant run by Da Vittorio and open to all passengers departing in 2019 from the airport, the final choice went to a recipe inspired by local produce used in Bergamasque cuisine.
Three finalists were chosen from those accepting the invitation to create a locally-inspired recipe (the Bergamo-born Paola Cerimbelli, Alberto Mattei from Piedmont, and Maria Teresa Ruta, a famous TV presenter). They prepared their dish in the presence of the three-star Michelin chef Enrico Cerea, receiving unanimous praise for their efforts and the quality of the results, presented to a jury of culinary journalists, the chefs and the clients in the restaurant, whose vote was determining for the final result.
The winning recipe was that of Paola Cerimbelli, who proposed “Atlantic salted cod with Bergamo chanterelle mushrooms”, followed by the “Sicilian Risotto” by Maria Teresa Ruta and the “Casoncelli with a soft Taragna polenta and fig filling on a bed of porcini mushrooms”.
The chosen recipe will be included for a whole year in the menu at the Vicook Bistrot, considered to be one of the best airport restaurants in the world.