Milan Bergamo Airport, which remained open and operational during Phase 1 of the Covid-19 emergency for state, health, humanitarian and technical flights, is preparing to once more welcome passengers with the recommencement of flights by the airlines that operate to and from the airport.

Together with the setting out of paths to separate passengers in arrival from those in departure and the installation of required control and protection equipment, including indications for the respecting of social distancing, the airport management company SACBO has set in motion sanitisation activities for the airport spaces, which follow on from the daily disinfection processes ensured and implemented since 13 March, the last day of civil passenger operations in the airport.

The sanitisation campaign, carried out through the spraying of hydrogen peroxide disinfectants, has begun in the public area of the airport (landside terminal) and will continue, to cover the entire area and volume.

The disinfection process is carried out with electrostatic atomisers, which allow an even distribution of the liquid over surfaces, guaranteeing adhesion and prolonged action without dripping. This means that no solution residue remains in the air and the areas are immediately ready for use.