The Shareholders Meeting of Sacbo has approved the financial statements for SACBO S.p.A. and the consolidated group statements which include the financial statements for SACBO S.p.A. and those of the fully owned company BGY International Services S.r.l. The continuing state of emergency caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus had a significant impact on all management-related aspects for the Group and, inevitably, on the economic, financial and equity results in the financial statements as of 31.12.2021. 2021 could be defined as a year that ran at two different paces, with the first semester conditioned by severe restrictions introduced on a governmental level to contrast the spread of the pandemic and the second semester characterised by a decisive recovery in air traffic, which was particularly marked in airports with a higher presence of low-cost airlines and focused on domestic and continental destinations. It is no coincidence that throughout the second semester Bergamo airport saw rates of growth that were higher than the national average.