From Wednesday, May 10 to Tuesday, May 30, 2017, at the summits of the G7 countries to be held in Italy, the Interior Ministry ordered in Italian airports the temporary suspension of the Schengen Treaty and restore checks for passengers traveling on flights arriving from member countries, except for flights operated on domestic routes.


The Milan Bergamo Airport has been adjusted to comply with the ministerial regulations. Therefore, in the Schengen arrivals it will work a transition zone where the operators of the Border Police will carry out documentary checks. SACBO, in addition to prepare the logistics solutions to allow a regular flow of passengers, has implemented its own personnel to provide adequate assistance after the landing and to minimize the waiting times at the output.


Passengers with reduced mobility and their companions will be guaranteed the preferred channel already in place. SACBO warns that queuing will be possible during the time slots in which it is expected the arrival of more aircraft from other countries of the Schengen area and in this regard, asks the collaboration of passengers, committing to give continuous support and limit the inconvenience.


In addition, it invites passengers to check that they are in possession of a valid identity document for the entire duration of the trip.