As there have been frequent cases of incomplete documentation at the moment of check-in or boarding, the Milan Bergamo Airport management company SACBO reminds passenger of the anti-Covid 19 regulations currently in force – in particular in European countries and the Mediterranean area – concerning entry, which vary according to the destination State.

When booking your flight, it is advisable to view the provisions issued by the governmental authorities of the destination country, accessible through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website viaggiaresicuri.it.

On the days just before departure, passengers are also advised to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website viaggiaresicuri.it again, or to check whether the airline with which they are flying has sent any additional information by e-mail regarding provisions that will apply on the scheduled departure date.

For journeys to some countries, such as Greece and Malta, passengers have to be carrying the negative results of a molecular swab test performed less than 72 hours before the flight (the rapid swab test is not accepted). In addition, to be allowed to board a flight to a destination in Greece, passengers have to download the specific QR Code issued by Greek governmental authorities; it has to be generated no more than 24 hours before the flight’s departure time, and it can be requested by using the respective form (travel.gov.gr).

Analogous, specific advice is also given to passengers departing for the United Kingdom, a country that requires various anti-Covid procedures to be performed on the dedicated portal, with information available on the United Kingdom section of the website viaggiaresicuri.it.