Italy Loves Food, at BGY Airport the excellence of italian cuisine

A new area set up at Milan Bergamo Airport, dedicated to the excellence of Lombardy and national Italian cuisine. This space, which has been symbolically named “Italy Loves Food”, is set up in the lounge area named 'Ilario Testa' inside the departures terminal.

It is an innovative format within the travel retail industry, particularly in terms of the sale of the take-away products, dining and the promotion of gastronomic culture. Through this, Milan Bergamo Airport is becoming a showcase for exclusive and high-quality speciality dining, represented by prestigious chefs and restaurateurs. This is a calling card that aims to turn passengers in transit into opinion makers, allowing the food and wine to take them on a trip to the cities and regions of Europe served by Milan Bergamo Airport.

It is a dissemination process that is further transforming the mission and function of the airport, which is the third largest in Italy with over 10 million passengers per year.

The “Italy loves food” project was made possible by the airport infrastructure enhancement programme, with the creation of spacious and comfortable areas that are combined with a range of dedicated services and a variety of retail outlets, ensuring a pleasant waiting experience before boarding.